About Tracey

Tracey Tinker is a qualified Brain Gym® Instructor, Touch for Health Instructor, Touch for Health Proficiency Instructor, Optimal Brain Organisation Instructor.

Tracey has developed her own course  “Integrating the primitive reflexes using Brain Gym® and Touch for Health”. Tracey’s own course is accredited with Brain Gym International and Australian Kinesiology Association.

Tracey has taught all the above courses both here in Australian and overseas.

Having a son with Aspergers Syndrome has given me a huge understanding of what parents go through with a child with learning and behavioural problems.

I have been working with children with various learning and behavioural problems since 1998. I also work with adults with health issues – hormonal, dietary, depression, anxiety, pain etc.

I also have a Diploma in Nutrition, I look at ways in which to help with balancing your nutrition, as well as ways in which your health can improve using natural supplements and /or changing your diet.


NDIS Provider

Level 5 Kinesiologist
Diploma of Nutrition
Reiki Master
Touch For Health Instructor
Touch for Health Proficiency Assessor
Brain Gym Instructor
Optimal Brain Organisation Instructor

Tracey is also a Clinical Mentor/Supervisor with the Australian Kinesiology Association.

Consultations cost $90 for approximately 1 hour and health fund rebates apply